BTW provides 3D laser scanning services throughout New Zealand and abroad. 

3D laser scanning is a new and innovative technology which is revolutionising survey data capture techniques and is challenging traditional thinking. 

3D data capture complements our traditional surveying capabilities to provide clients with an unprecedented amount of accurate, high quality data in a fast, efficient and user friendly manner.

Our current 3D laser scanning capabilities are providing data capture for:

  • Accurate as-built documentation of a facility for redesign and refurbishment projects, or for updating existing plant documentation in 3D
  • As-Is Condition surveys for structures such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels and buildings which require accurate and detailed datasets
  • As-built and As-Is conditions for Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing services and structures (BIM)
  • Heritage buildings or historic site preservation and 3D visualization
  • Determination of plumbness of structural elements such as beams, columns, walls or floors
  • Monitoring of structures, coastal erosion or deformation
  • Production of high resolution topographical maps which generate 2D and 3D CAD views enabling measurement of distances, areas, and volumes
  • Production of 3D modelled objects from asbuilt point cloud data

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