DataPoint is a web based management and reporting application developed by BTW to support the day to day requirements to successfully track and manage projects.

This facilitates and encourages a collaborative approach to getting a project complete.

Although initially developed for seismic surveying projects, dataPoint’s flexibility has meant that it has been used for other types of projects where land access has been required.

Access to project information is provided online to authorised users, to assist in the monitoring and planning of the overall project. This web base project management and reporting system provides a secure platform that encourages collaboration by the relevant parties, therefore eliminating errors occurring due to the double-entry of data.

Up to date information is available as it is entered, and may be reported on demand, and/or exported for further processing locally. Relevant geospatial data is presented graphically, in a web viewer that can also be queried for project information. These tools provide a rich set of functions assisting in quality control and communication between the many interested parties.

Upon entering this information, the database is updated and other stakeholders with access can view updates instantly from any device that supports a web browser application. Reports are available for all currently stored data. Smartphones including iPhones™, Tablets including the iPad™ are able to utilise dataPoint making it easier to retrieve information and make decisions.

Land Access and Surveying production, Health and Safety, Landowner and the various other phases of operation (Drilling, Recording and Restoration) related information for seismic surveys is managed in this system. Updated information on production progress for permitting and surveying, hazard register, notes and activities can easily be accessed and reports generated.

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