By utilising BTW Company’s 3D laser scanning services you can save time and money on any project, big or small. 

The advantages of having accurate and up-to-date asbuilt information is often evident in the success of a project, with reduced construction costs, reduced design and construction time and little or no Requests for Information. 

Point cloud data is acquired very quickly and accurately. Rather than gathering single point data the scanner captures the entire field of view, ensuring that every detail is recorded.

  • Roading
  • Rail
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Airports
  • General Structures
  • 3D Inspection (design v asbuilt)

Point cloud data of a highway corridor

Data is captured by the scanner without any need to access out-of-reach areas or to disrupt or reduce traffic flow.

Point cloud data of a railway station

Data accuracy is, typically, 3mm at 50m and 6mm at 100m.

Due to its ability to be remotely operated, and with the points being reflected off objects and surfaces, using the 3D laser scanner enables inaccessible or high hazard areas to be measured without compromising the safety of personnel or equipment. Impacts on traffic flows or other work parties are minimized or eliminated resulting in cost savings to the project.

Use BTW Company’s trusted procedures, proven technology and experienced staff to ensure that your project is an outstanding success.

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