Is your property contaminated with meth?

Do you require professional services to assess your property for meth?

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BTW Company has a team of qualified environmental practitioners with the expertise to identify potential risks to help with your decision making.

What services do you require?

  • Pre-purchase report
  • Sales report
  • Pre / mid / post occupancy meth assessment
  • Property and asset assessment
  • Post decontamination validation

What type of investigation do you require?

  • Screening Assessment - to determine whether your property is impacted my meth and its precursors
  • Detailed Assessment - to determine whether your property is impacted by meth and its precursors and to identify concentrations and distribution throughout the property
  • Post Decontamination Assessment - to determine whether remediation of your property has reduced risk to an acceptable level

All meth sampling and testing services are in line with the New Zealand Standard NZS 8510:2017 and NIOSH 9111 standards.

BTW use Hill Laboratories - IANZ accredited Laboratory for all analysis.                

Guidelines and Responsibilities

What are safe levels of methamphetamine residues?

Standards NZ has adopted the following remediation levels as concentrations protective of human health;

  • Individual high use areas 1.5 ug /100cm2 / 100cm2 of Methamphetamine
  • Limited use areas 3.8 ug / 100cm2 of Methamphetamine

High use areas are defined as those areas that can easily accessed and are regularly used by adults and children.

What NZ legislation may apply to me?

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 it is an offence for landlords to rent out a property contaminated with meth.  Landlords, agents and employers also have certain legal obligations and duties under various legislation including; the Health Act, Building Act, Health and Safety at Work Act and Real Estate Agents Act.

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