BTW's new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) capability is the latest addition to the 3D data capture team, allowing fast access to up-to-date aerial imagery and high definition video.

Combining our Surveying knowledge and UAV technology allows us to create “to scale” (orthorectified) imagery representing “flat earth”. This allows distances and areas to be accurately measured and other spatially correct data such as land parcel boundaries to be overlaid.

Using our quadcopter UAV it is often possible to fly, process and deliver orthorectified imagery to clients in the same day.

Point cloud data can be extracted from the images to create surface contours, digital terrain models and structure or feature details as required. Data accuracy is project-specific but is typically between +/- 20-100mm. This accuracy combined with a short turnaround time for data processing makes it very attractive to clients needing fast and dependable results.

BTW can carry out small and large scale mapping using the UAV in a cost effective, accurate and safe manner. We currently fly the UAV in accordance with Part 101 of the Civil Aviation Authority Rules and are in the process of obtaining certification under Part 102.


  • Subdivisions
  • Construction; compliance and progress monitoring
  • Building inspections
  • Quarries and mining; compliance and volume comparisons
  • Monitoring; structures and coastal erosion
  • Archaeology mapping
  • Forestry and farm mapping
  • Real estate photography and video


  • Orthorectified imagery
  • High definition video fly-through
  • High quality still images
  • Digital terrain models
  • Point cloud data
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