Utilities can keep people warm, enable factories to operate and transport water to your home or workplace.  The generation of these utilities can incur significant cost – to buy the equipment, operate it and to maintain it.

We can help you reduce the costs of providing and running your utilities.

This is done by:

  • understanding your utility requirements
  • assessing how well they are provided
  • reviewing the life-cycle costs
  • finding opportunities for heat recovery
  • recommending areas of improvement 

For example, a 10% reduction in operating costs for a 10 kW air compressor can save up to $2,500 per year (when electricity costs 30¢ per unit).

Typical utilities and their uses

We can help design, operate and improve utilities from small scale to industrial size.
The most typical utilities (and their end uses) are shown below.

Heating utilites

  • These can include natural gas, LPG, coal and biomass fuels
  • Generally, they are used for generating steam, hot water and heated air

Cooling utilities

  • Includes cooling towers, water chillers and air refrigeration
  • These can typically provide cooling water for machines, chilled water for milk cooling and cold air for blast freezing

Heat recovery and storage

  • Heat recovery systems can recycle heat or cooling, so you can reduce your overall utility demand and spend


  • Water is a utility that can require energy-intensive treatment, pumping, heating or cooling
  • Reducing water use, reducing waste and recycling wisely can reduce the load on other utilities

Electrical power

  • Electrical power is the ‘invisible’ utility that is critical for powering pumps, air compressors, blowers, heaters and coolers
  • Simple improvements to these systems can reduce electrical power demand and improve the operation of the system
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