BTW has an experienced water team who offer a large spectrum of services in the municipal water systems arena.

These services include preliminary design analysis, diagnosis of water supply and pressure issues, water modelling, pump design, detailed design and project management.

Town Water Supply Modelling and Test Equipment

To build fully calibrated models of existing water supply reticulations and utilise these models to:

  • Accurately plan supply network upgrades
  • Plan for increases in water demand
  • Test for compliance to SNZ PAS 4509:2008 NZ Fire Service Firefighting Water Supplies Code of Practice
  • Data analysis and diagnosis of water reticulation issues

Equipment and software to build these models include:

  • Innovyze H2OMAP water supply modelling software package
  • Two water flow meters to undertake hydrant flow tests
  • Multiple data loggers to monitor pressure at hydrants, meters or household taps

H2OMAP Modelling Software

H2OMAP Modelling Software

Water Supply Projects

Design and construction management of municipal water systems:

  • Preliminary design analysis utilising water supply software and field testing equipment
  • Draft working drawings for tender and construction using AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Construction procurement and management including documentation, tendering and contract supervision
  • Land liaison team to work with affected parties (such as land owners)
  • Survey team to obtain imagery and survey data of upgrade routes and to also assist in creating or amending easements over property

Water pipe river crossing designed by BTW  Water pipe river crossing designed by BTW

Utility Sizing and Optimisation

  • Network optimisation – review Water Outlook SCADA data and network operations manuals to improve network efficiency
  • Accurately size new pumps through utilising water supply software
    Other Services

Other Services

  • Water bore flow monitoring
  • Water pressure and flow logging and data collection service

Hydrant flow field testing

Hydrant flow field testing

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