July 15, 2015

BTW would like to announce our new Aerial Imagery Service. Using BTW’s new UAV quadcopter drone, high resolution orthoimages can now be captured quickly and accurately. 

Mapping small areas with fixed wing or full size aircraft can be both expensive and impractical.

Our UAV is designed to survey specific areas and provide geo-referenced, high resolution imagery from low altitude (up to 90m).

The UAV’s intelligent system can be pre-programmed to follow a GPS-guided flight path to automatically capture the required area (including the necessary overlap and height requirements).

Ground based control points are coordinated by our experienced survey team prior to the flight to enable aerial imagery and point cloud data to be geo-referenced. These control points are strategically placed around the area of interest.  

The data from each flight is recorded, making it possible to repeat the flight at later intervals to create time-lapse photography.

Combine BTW’s UAV Imagery and 3D Laser Scanning data to get world class results.




For more details please contact us at

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