Newly Licensed Cadastral Surveyor at BTW

May 17, 2016

Taryn Martin recently sat and passed his Professional Entrance Examinations with the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors.
Following graduation from University this involved: Sitting a laws and regulations examination, tabulating working hours on specific tasks, completing projects on various surveying disciplines and finally sitting five verbal interviews with NZIS examiners in Wellington. By succeeding in these examinations Taryn has achieved a Certificate of Competency in the following disciplines:

• Cadastral Surveying
• Topographical Surveying
• Land Development and Land Development Engineering
• Planning, Design and Resource Management
• Geodetic Surveying
With this certificate he has proven to the Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board of New Zealand that he is competent and is now licensed to undertake Cadastral Surveys in New Zealand.
He is also a Full Voting Member of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors.


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