Taranaki Mounga Project

December 10, 2018

The BTW Environment Team are proud to be supported by BTW Company to undertake some volunteer trap monitoring on our Mounga. The Taranaki Mounga project is a collaboration between a number of parties, however, due to the ambitious nature and scale of this project, local community assistance is a must for pest management and monitoring. Please check out http://taranakimounga.nz/the-project/ for more details about the project. 

The BTW Environment Team is committed to 8 monitoring events over a 6-month period. Please see the attached plan which is the line or loop we are going to monitor which does a nice 5km loop from the Mangaoraka carpark. This loop has 53 traps to monitor and mostly on well-formed trail. 

Two monitoring events have taken place so far with zero kill, which we presume is a good thing which indicates pest numbers are low. Dave Bolger and Nick Cooper went out last time and baited with the super rabbit paste bait, so let’s see what the next team finds. 

Just a reminder that our volunteer effort has only been possible due to the commitment of BTW, always a good talking topic with friends that BTW is supporting this project by undertaking some volunteer pest monitoring hours.

BTW Company Taranaki Mounga project

BTW Company Taranaki Mounga project

BTW Company Taranaki Mounga project


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